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Tree Service in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Tree Service

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    Proper tree care and management is something that you really need to invest in if you have any trees on your property. Without this, you aren’t likely to experience any of the benefits that trees can provide for your property. We are the tree service Baton Rouge that can provide all the tree care and management services you need to keep things in order. Our team is here to look after your trees and property in the most effective way possible. This way, you can see for yourself just how much trees can be beneficial for your home or property.

    About Us

    Looking for an established Tree Service in Baton Rouge? Our tree service is here to help you get the most out of your trees. Trees can be a fantastic addition to any property for a wide range of reasons, but that’s only if they get the right level of care and attention. If you ignore or overlook proper tree care, your trees can begin to present real risks and simply won’t benefit your property in any way. Our service is the simple way to make sure that your trees receive all the care, attention and management they require in order to be a real benefit for your home or property. So, get the most out of your trees with our help.


    Proper tree care and management is something that our service can help you with. We are the tree service that provides the best range of tree care, tree management and other related services. Our tree cutting service offers trimming and pruning for tree care, as well as tree, and stump, removal. We also offer an effective and comprehensive emergency tree service, which can rely on to help you out when you are faced with one of a number of emergencies. On top of all of that, our service can provide tree planting and shrub care. Our service makes it easy to look after your trees and property.

    professional tree trimming and pruning

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    Tree trimming and pruning in one of the many tree care services that we provide. Regular trimming is vital for the overall health and development of any tree. Targeted trimming can be used to remove limbs and branches that inhibit overall health and growth, as well as reduce the risks that diseases and pests can present. Trimming can also help with more effective aeration and ensure that each layer of your tree receives sufficient light.

    affordable tree removal service

    Tree Removal

    As well as tree care, our team is also trained to safely handle tree removal too. Trees on your property can present certain risks. They could be growing too close to buildings, and have the potential to cause damage or even injury in certain situations. Also, trees can sometimes get in the way of ideas that you might have for your outdoor space. With our tree removal tree removal Baton Rouge service you can remove any troublesome trees from your property, so you can better manage the risks.

    “A thoroughly professional tree service. They’re obviously knowledgeable and do great work.” Laura. J

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    Our removal service doesn’t just stop with tree removal. We make sure that the entire tree is removed because we also offer stump removal as part of our service. We have the tools and expertise that’s needed to make easy and light work of even the most stubborn stump. This way, you can ensure that any tree you want gone is entirely removed, and no part of it is left behind or in the way. 100% removal is what our service provides and guarantees. So, choose the removal service that can get the result you want.

    stump ready for grinding and removal

    Emergency Tree Service

    In certain circumstances, the risks that trees on your property present can increase or become far more immediate. Wild weather can often cause damage to trees that can make them hazardous, or even result in a partial or full collapse. When faced with such an emergency we know that you need a fast and effective team to provide immediate emergency assistance. You can count on us to provide. Our emergency service is the most effective way to remedy any emergency situation with your trees and restore safety around your property.

    fast emergency tree service

    “The best deal out there. They’re prices are so affordable and you’re getting a great service.” Megan. K

    professional tree planting service

    Tree Planting

    Planting new trees can be one great way to give your property a touch of nature and really boost its curb appeal. If you want to get the best results, however, it’s important that you do things the right way from the beginning. This means choosing a knowledgeable tree service. There’s more science behind planting trees than simply digging holes. It’s important to ensure that your new trees receive the care and nutrients they need from the start, so they grow and healthy and strong. Our expert tree planting service can provide all of that and more.

    reliable tree care shrub care service

    Tree Care and Shrub Care

    Our tree care and shrub care services are the easy way to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, and looking great. Our experienced team is fully versed in providing the full range of care services that your trees and shrubs need to in order to remain healthy and looking great. We provide trimming and a whole host of other care services as part of what we do. Well maintained trees and shrubs aren’t only healthy, but they can also be great for the overall curb appeal of your property.

     “They really know how to look after trees in the very best way.” Joe. P

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    Why are we the tree service to call? Well, it’s because we provide the best and most comprehensive range of affordable tree care and related services. Our team knows how to provide your trees with the very best care. We are also trained and well versed at safely providing management and other related services as well. So, call us to get the tree services you need now.